Sinter parts AMF®

Sintering is the technology to heat up powdery or fine-grained materials so far that they melt superficially and then Agglomerate. Especially the sintering of metal parts refers to powder metallurgy.

Iron powders, steel powders or bronze powders, which must comply with certain demands, are used mostly.

Sintering can be divided roughly into three phases:

  • pressing 
  • sintering 
  • finishing (specially calibrfating, heat-treat, saturating or chipping) 

Manufacturing bearings, formed parts and filters using the sintering technology has compared to conventional methods of manufacturing as well technical as also economical advantages.

Sinter parts AMF® are characterized by:

  • Complex mouldings without material removal
  • High precision
  • Good surface quality
  • Density
  • Good endurance strength
  • Vibration damping
  • Leak tightness
  • Complex raw materials and not feasible alloys
  • Isotropic material structure
  • Ready-to-build-on components
  • Self-lubrication
  • Reliability by mass production
  • Low Investment costs
  • Energy saving
  • Environmental protection
  • Non-achievable forms with other procedures